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Audeor In-Ear Headphones.

Freelance - 2016

Product Description

Audeor approached me looking for help with designing their newest set of in-ear headphones. The design would have to be gold plated and incorporate a decorative array of inset Swarovski crystals. Early sketch development work was undertaken to explore various potential designs. Concurrently, electronics were sourced from a far east supplier that formed the basis of the technical design. Audeor in-ear headphones feature a swept, elegant design with a large number of Swarovski crystals inset across the back of the product.



Processes: Product design, Prototyping, Design visualisation, Design engineering, Manufacture


Date: 2016


Concept Design

Once the brief had been fully established the first stage was to explore the aesthetic design of the new ear-buds. Sketch development was completed and the early concepts were evaluated by the client. The feedback gained helped to further refine the aesthetic direction and early CAD models were created to help visualise the design.


Electronics & CAD Design (Solidworks)

The design was to be based on a set of electronics sourced from an Asian supplier. After analysis of the electronics, the design specification and required internal dimensions were established and incorporated into the 3D CAD design. Design for manufacture was considered throughout the design stage as the final version was to be mass produced in die-cast stainless steel. To enable this, each part was analysed within Solidworks to ensure ease of manufacture in the future.

Prototyping & Manufacture

To evaluate the form and function of the the new design an initial prototype was sourced. Made from SLA and vacuum cast parts, the assembly of the components was checked and refinements made prior to moving into manufacture.


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