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Fenchurch Specialist Products - 2014

Product Description wanted to expand their product offering and develop a new range of fume cupboard filters manufactured in sheet metal. A detailed market review of competitors filters identified a recurring product mix of around 30 different sizes and formed the basis of the new CarbonFilterStore product range. The product was developed in conjunction with Trumpf UK and a prototype manufactured at their Luton facility during a site visit.



Processes: Product design, Prototyping, Design visualisation, Design engineering, Manufacture


Date: 2014


Concept Design

Various sheet metal designs were explored in conjunction with Trumpf UK. The insights gained through this collaboration significantly helped in the further development of the product, highlighting the limitations of the production equipment and also potential design opportunities through the use of new forming techniques.

CAD Design & Prototyping

The prototype CAD model and 2D drawings were developed in Solidworks and used for the procurement of the proof of concept prototype. The final prototype was manufactured at the Trumpf UK factory in Luton with feedback gained from the subsequent testing of the design guiding the final stages of development before final manufacture.

Final Manufacture

The Carbon Filter Store supply replacement HEPA and Carbon Filters for re-circulatory (Ductless) Filtration Fume Cabinets, Fume Cupboards, Fume Hoods, Storage Cupboards and other clean air enclosures that use Activated Carbon to filter contaminants.


The final fume cupboard is manufactured from 0.8mm aluminium sheet, perforated with 15mm hexagonal vents. These design features, along with the product branding helped to separate and distinguish the product within the market. Material selection provides the filter with improved structural rigidity and superior build quality, enabling the product to be manufactured and sold in larger sizes.




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