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Charge SLC.

(SLR Camera Power Pack)

Product Description.

The client contacted me looking for help to develop concepts for their new, portable SLR camera power pack. After running out of power for his SLR camera whilst away from any external power sources the client wanted to explore different design solutions to this problem.


Two concepts were developed and sketched out in Photoshop, both feature a rugged design that enables the user to easily charge their batteries and products when away from power sources. The conceptual design is a portable power pack that facilitates the charging of an SLR camera or AA/AAA batteries when on the go. The product is charged from a power source and features a USB socket for use with other devices.

Concept Design.

Guided by the brief two main concepts were developed. The on-the-go nature of the product and user group informed a rugged design that could withstand heavy use in the outdoor environment. To provide this protection both designs feature tough external protection and lid elements to secure the batteries in transit. Further features include a USB charging outlet, allowing the product to be used to charge other consumer electronics.



Processes: Product design, Design visualisation

Product Presentation (Keyshot).

To further visualise the new concept the design was created in 3D and used to create photo-realistic images of the product. This process allowed the client to really get a feel for the final design and also create promotional materials in order to secure financial investment moving forward.



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